I celebrate

by BJ Henry

I celebrate this day of freedom from things that no longer serve me.

With an open and tender heart toward myself I declare…

My Beauty…

IS in my yoga practice when I close my eyes
and connect with my beautiful and mysterious breath
while moving through Surya Namaskar

IS my curvy hips and small waist I inherited from
my birth mother
I love that wearing them permanently
connects me to her
since we missed out on so much together

IS my smile that is reflected back to me through
the eyes and smiles of others

IS in my competitive nature where I can now listen to
my own internal tempo and practice victoriously
not comparing myself to others

IS the evidence of aging that is on my body which
tenderly holds the half of a century old story of my journey

IS that my highest self is self forgiving and self loving

IS my highly sensitive nature that allows me to be
deeply grateful to my team of professionals, family
and friends who have been helping me heal from
an eating disorder

IS the joy in my heart when my oldest son walks
through the door visiting from college
and our family is whole again!

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Posted: November 6, 2013


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