My beauty

by Theresa Guy

My beauty is…Strong.
It allows me to walk, run, and dance to the beat of my heart.
To cherish every step I take.

My beauty is…Quiet.
It allows me to hear the sounds of Earth’s nature and movement.
The calmness and serenity of all things natural.

My beauty is…Fierce.
It allows me to get up when I stumble and fall.
To help me rise again.

My beauty is… Tasteful.
It allows me to experience a world of textures and aroma.
To always look forward to each bite.

My beauty is… Tactile.
It allows me to feel textures of all varieties and sizes.
To hold a piece of Earth’s life in my hands.

My beauty is…Love.
It allows me to feel the good and the bad.
The everything between.

My beauty is…Spiritual.
It allows me to connect to this Earth and the heavens above.
To be part of something bigger.

My beauty is…Connecting.
It allows me to reach out when I need it and to grasp when others are in need.
To have the bond of friendship.

My beauty is…My smile.
It allows me to show the happiness and joy from within.
The power to brighten someone’s day.

My beauty is…My tears.
It allows me to release what I can not always speak or write.
To validate each feeling.

My beauty is…My soul.
It allows me look deep within and love who I am.
To understand myself.

My beauty is…My body.
It allows me to be uniquely me and enjoy every movement.
The imperfection of my flaws, always celebrated.

My beauty is…Always present.
It is what allows me to experience life.
A life that is beautiful in every challenging and mysterious way.

Beauty…It is me.

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Posted: August 2, 2013


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