You Don’t Know Me

by Jackelyn Avendano

Everyday we are judged by the way we look
Whether we’re brown, fat, tall, or white and skinny
No one aware of anyone but still we all blindly judge
All of us capable of making another’s eyes water or of setting them on fire

With that look, that stare or slight glance…
We work like venom, burning each other slowly till we fall
Without realizing that we all feel the same way
You are looking at me and are hearing me but you don’t know me

I come from a family of workers, warriors, and dreamers
A great grandmother who raised thirteen children,
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,
Twelve months a year for fifty years…
And her old Man that worked sixteen hours each day for their survival

I come from a family that did not give up when adversity reached its potential
From, uncles and aunties that gave up school to work and be able to feed their little brothers and sisters
From, two parents that kept moving forward because they believed it was possible
My family, the one that fought for what they believed in: Life, Opportunity,and Justice
Whether it meant there was food on the table or not

I am like my grandmother who taught herself how to read and write,
Who gave bread and beans to others even though she was in poor standing,
Who saw her babies leave her side one by one every cold winter

She used to tell me “Dios esta contigo”, God is with you
And I believed her because she was the strongest woman I had the chance to meet
My grandmother, she believed in me and now I have courage
Enough to tell you who I really am

I inherited the big hands and wide backs from my family members that fought in the war
The big body that worked and ached all day
I inherited the mind and heart of my grandmother, the strength and
perseverance that kept her going

You do not know this by looking at me because all you could see are the flaws
I am more than just a girl, vulnerable and ignorant
More than just a joke u can laugh at
I am a Mexican young girl that is a Dreamer
Diligent, Charismatic, and willing
I am powerful because of my story
I am powerful because I am me


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Posted: October 24, 2013


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